Welcome to 24/7 Synthwave Radio, Chillout and be invigorated by synthwave music. We play a range of synthwave music including a Nightime Bar Synthwave sub-genre which we call BarSynth. For variety, we include some Lofi just to change the pace!

This station is produced by the 24/7 Online Radio Group. 24/7 Synthwave Radio was launched on 5th November, 2020 to provide high quality, invigorating, synthwave music.

We are very pleased and honoured that the listeners at StreamFinder – nominated our station 24/7 Synthwave Radio to be a Featured Station on their internet radio directory. Only 10 stations are nominated every month!

You can listen to 24/7 Synthwave Radio on the media player above or other online platforms, phone and TV apps.